Barnett Demesne Mountain Bike Trails

The Barnett Demesne mountain bike trails in Northern Ireland consist of a range of trails across green, blue and red grading. This provides facilities suitable for all abilities of mountain biking. It also features Ireland’s first official purpose-built jump park.

The trails

  • Green Trail – This is a 3.4km (1.7km each way) linear mountain biking trail accessible from the trailhead and Shaw’s Bridge Car Park. The trail runs parallel to the River Lagan. Its wide with gentle inclines, making it ideal for young families and those giving mountain biking a go for the very first time.
  • Blue Trail – This is a 3.9km blue trail. It consists of tight, winding singletrack lines, perfect for beginners with a bit more confidence, right through to experienced riders.
  • Red trail options. There are a number of red trail options providing great facilities for the more experienced riders. More technical trail features include elevated boardwalks, log rides, berms, rock gardens, rollers and drops.
    • Red option 1. Fanplastic, suits a more experienced mountain biker with a number of sweeping berms, double rollers and sections of elevated plastic boardwalk.
    • Red option 2. Serpentine, is the longest red option on the trails and snakes its way through the demesne’s woodland on winding singletrack. Technical trail features on this option include rock gardens, berms, drop offs and a short log ride thrown in to keep you on your toes.
    • Red option 3. Lose your Barnett, can be directly linked with ‘Serpentine’ and is packed full of tight twists and turns as it winds up towards Malone House. You will enjoy picking up speed on the berms and rollers on the short descent before rejoining the main blue trail.

Jump Park

The Barnett Demesne mountain bike trails tick all the right boxes for those wanting to catch some air! The jump park consists of 6 lines of awesome table-tops, doubles and hip jumps.

The Jumps Park is designed to suit mountain bikers searching for that all important adrenaline fix! Six lines of tempting jumps, berms and booters, this is the place to catch air for the very first time or flip and whip your way to X Games Gold!

The jumps park contains features that are graded according to their size. These grades are indicated by large orange dots at the beginning of each jumps line.

The trailhead car park is open Mon – Thurs: 9.30am to 9pm, Fri: 9.30am to 5pm and Sat & Sun; 10am to 5pm.


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