The 2018 Viking Challenge MTB ride

The 2018 Viking Challenge Start line at Redmile Primary School

The 2018 Viking Challenge mountain bike ride was held on a beautiful day in early October this year. The start line was in the same location as last year but this year they promised a new route! This turned out to be pretty much the reverse of last years route which was a little disappointing.

However, it was a completely different ride to last year. The dryer conditions made it much faster and far more free flowing than the wet and boggy conditions from last years ride. You can read all about the 2017 Viking Challenge ride here.

Watch a quick 2 min video of this years 30km trail below.

We think the Viking Challenge MTB event is a fantastic challenge and a great opportunity for Dads and Lads (or mum’s and daughters) to take part in together. The terrain is challenging and the distance perfect. And if you get a bit of rain before hand it’s a brilliant laugh to have together. My friend Paul & I have take part with our sons for the last two years and the boys love it.

There are a couple of pub stops on the way round with snacks and refreshments included. This year we got to the first pub only to find three thousand flap jacks had been smashed by riders who had passed through in front of us. Cheers for that guys! The good news is that there was plenty of snacks to go round at the finish line.

At the end everyone gets a certificate

Viking Challenge Certificate

I’ll be updating this post soon with the course details and the downloadable GPX files.


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