Gisburn Forest Mountain Bike Trail Centre

Known locally as the Hully Gully, Gisburn Forest MTB Trail Centre in the North East corner of Lancashire is oodles of fun! This Forestry Commission managed MTB trail centre features almost 30km of high quality mountain bike trails and singletrack across 3 trails. There is loads of footage on YouTube of Gisburn to get you excited.

The trails

  • Bottoms Beck Trail: Blue graded trail with sections of Green gradings. 9.5km long and excellent for younger riders to practise their MTB skills
  • Hope Line and Leap of Faith: Orange graded trail for more advanced riders. Get your protective kit on for this section. It’s not long but it’s intense with jumps, berms and drop offs. 0.5km long.
  • The 8. A new addition to the trails at Gisburn. 18km long and laid out in a figure of 8. It features a mix of red, blue and black graded sections. The 8 is where you will find the aptly named roller coaster trail of “Hully Gully”. Photographs of this look like they were created in photoshop the way they drop down and bend round.

Facilities at Gisburn

Gisburn MTB centre has all the facilities you would expect to find at a Forestry Commission managed centre.

  • Bike hire
  • Cafe
  • Walking
  • Wild fishing
  • Events



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